“In charcuterie slowness is a virtue”.

Curing involves the skilful exploitation of time and varies, depending on the products, from 2 months to 2 years. Through this process, fresh minced meat (salami) and primal cuts (ham, coppa, and pancetta) are transformed into finished, ready-to-eat products. The process remains very much a manual craft, carefully controlling the temperature and humidity in the curing rooms to enhance the flavours and aromas with the help of salt, spices, and natural herbs.

Cooking is a process of transforming meat at high temperature. You start with primal cuts (cooked hams), which after seasoning are put into steam ovens, a healthy and natural form of cooking, with temperatures of around 90°, preserving the softness and not altering the meat proteins. Cooking can be in two stages, first by steaming and then grilling, as with a homemade roast.

Braising  is a more sophisticated system and involves the queen of charcuterie, the mortadella. It is a process that completes the preparation of mortadella in dry air ovens with temperatures that can exceed 90°. This procedure lends the finished product its fragrance, aroma, and characteristic pink colour.