Villani Salumi: a family history since 1886

Villani Salumi: a family history since 1886 The Villani Salumi company was founded in 1886 in Castelnuovo Rangone, (MO). After a short spell spent marketing fresh meat and sausages, Costante Villani and Ernesta Cavazzuti purchased a building in the town centre, where they set up a pig slaughterhouse and started producing salami, coppa, bacon, mortadella and cooked ham.
The company soon demonstrated its export acumen and its crates were bearing the words “destination: New York” as early on as the 1930s.

Giuseppe, one of Costante’s eleven children, has continued to develop his father’s project with great entrepreneurial spirit. Once he came back from a trip to the United States with a case full of tools and was the first to innovate the production process by introducing drying hangers, which were quickly adopted by all the other charcuterie producers.

Giuseppe journeyed throughout Italy to learn the fine art of charcuterie in the various regions, enriching the Villani products with regional specialities that are sent all over the world, including the places of origin where the high quality of the products is acknowledged and appreciated. Nowadays, the company has five meat processing plants: one in Castelnuovo Rangone (MO), that produces salami, the cooked ham range and specialities from Italy’s Emilia region; one in Bentivoglio (BO) for mortadella; one in Castelfranco Emilia (MO) for the “primal cuts”; one in San Daniele del Friuli (UD) and one in Pastorello di Langhirano (PR) for San Daniele and Parma hams.

The Villani philosophy embodies two equally important concepts: tradition and modernity. Traditions are upheld through the expertise gained from the production of charcuterie since 1886; expertise and a wealth of recipes and processing techniques, have created a business in which manual skill continues to play a fundamental role to achieve excellent results.