Dear Visitor,

In our charcuterie museum we have tried to bring back to life the history of our forefathers, who developed and perfected charcuterie products over the generations to create a part of the gastronomic  heritage for which our country is so famous today.

We hope that you will enjoy your visit as we re-enact the procedures of the 1800s for the preservation of pork meat and perhaps you will be surprised with how much care, technical development, experience, and imagination goes into the creation of sophisticated products of the highest culinary qualities, typified here in our Italian cold cuts.

We bring together in remembrance all the men and women who worked in Castelnuovo inside this factory over more than a century, together with all those at the other Villani  factories in Bologna, Castelfranco Emilia, Pastorello di Langhirano, and San Daniele del Friuli, for the creation of this ideal common home.

Our thanks also to all our collaborators and suppliers whose warmth and commitment have helped realize this grand initiative.

Giuseppe Villani