Discover Ferrari & Pavarotti Land - Winter Edition

Discover Ferrari & Pavarotti Land, the programme of discovery of the thousand delights of Modena and the surrounding area, continues through the winter with a stop at the MUSA, Charcuterie Museum by Villani.

After the favorable response of participants who took part in Discover, the service continues with a new format adapted to suit the chillier weather, a “behind closed door” version, which is more suitable for the winter months. This means that shuttle buses will take and wait for passengers so as to spare them waits outdoors; moreover, participants will be allowed leave on board unnecessary items, like umbrellas, bags and the like. This formula, which is called Winter Edition, will also let participants make the best use of their time, offering more stops during the day.

The price (euros 60, or less for children and teenagers) includes transportation by shuttle buses, access to the three museums (Pavarotti, Ferrari in Maranello and Enzo Ferrari in Modena), the visit to the Factory and Fiorano racetrack (from on board the shuttle bus), visits – including tastings – to the participating companies, which are, depending on the day: Charcuterie Museum by Villani, Giusti and Malpighi balsamic vinegar cellars, Chiarli and Gavioli Lambrusco wine cellars, 4 Madonne and Hombre dairies (the latter is also the seat of the historic collection of Maserati cars).


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